About Aruba Airlines

  • Our Mission

  • Mission

    Aruba Airlines aspires to be an airline with a heart that opens frontiers, unites countries, and connects its people. Each valued customer is a guest and a member of the Aruba Airlines family; we are dedicated to assure that everyone feels welcome.


    We see Aruba Airlines as a growing happy family. We aspire to be the preferred airline of Aruba, by expanding our offering of destinations so that we may carry our legacy of excellent service, our corporate culture of kindness, to every present and future destination, and showcase Aruba to the rest of the world.


    Aruba Airlines values WOW service, cordiality, punctuality, and cooperation. We commit ourselves to serving our passengers responsibly while maintaining a new corporate culture that operates with integrity, love, and respect. We have a vision of a happy family where passion, honesty, and loyalty bind all of our Internal Clients together as one.

    What is “WOW Service”?

    WOW service is not just our core value, it is a result. WOW service happens when every member of the Aruba Airlines family is aligned with their role, when they know what to do and how to do it in the most efficient way possible. WOW service is not just about showing excellence to our customers, nor is it only about going that extra mile, it is about making everyone feel welcome and at home. We believe that anyone who steps inside our planes, calls us on the phone, reads a single line of our website, should feel already like a part of our family. WOW service means integrating all the aspects of excellent customer service with love and respect.

    Aruba Airlines genuinely seeks to create a safe workplace where everyone’s voice can be heard. We wish our Internal Clients to view obstacles as opportunities to create solutions and expand horizons.  We want every passenger to feel a welcome part of our family. Every guest is a very important person, to be treated with the utmost respect and considerate service.

  • Our Crew

  • Our Fleet

  • Our Fleet consist of t
     Airbus A320.

    The A320 is in widespread use around the globe, with a range of up to 6,480 km. (3,500 nautical miles). It is capable of flying routes ranging from short European commuter sectors and charter operations to coast-to-coast U.S. flights, and more. The A320’s advanced technology includes the extensive use of weight-saving composites, an optimised wing that is 20 per cent is more efficient than previous designs, a centralised fault display for easier troubleshooting and lower maintenance costs, along with Airbus’ fly-by-wire flight controls. Advantages of the fly-by-wire controls – which were pioneered on the A320 – are many. They provide total flight envelope and airframe structural protection for improved safety and reduced pilot workload, along improved flight smoothness and stability, and fewer mechanical parts.

    Airbus launched its single-aisle product line with the A320, which continues to set industry standards for comfort and operating economy on short- to medium-haul routes