Traveling with Pets

  • Traveling with Pets

  • As a relevant point of this regulation; it is that it is not allowed to transport animals under the following explanation: Shipping ports involved in this resolution are South America (Venezuela), Central America (Panama), Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic, that is, whether it is a passenger leaving Venezuela or Panama with a Venezuelan or Latin American pet in general, whose final destination is Aruba, Panama and the United States either on holiday or moving, unfortunately we can not accept transportation of the pet according to legal regulatory framework for Aruba pet_import_requirements AUA

    This rule includes the following exception: If the passenger has the point of origin: Netherlands (Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) or United States and Venezuela have destination or Panama, allowed the transfer of your pet as long as the animal has its document origin of the Netherlands or the United States and its health certificate in order.