Expectant Mothers and Infants

  • Expectant Mothers

  • Women with pregnancies can fly up to their 27th week, provided they carry a doctor's declaration stating that they are fit to fly. Aruba Airlines will not accept pregnant women beyond 27 weeks of pregnancy, even with doctor's approval.

  • Traveling with Infants

  • It is considered infant to every passenger who tries to fly between 30 days of birth and under 2 years of age, he must have a valid passport and Visa (if applicable) and travel with at least one of his parents. The Infant has to travel in the same seat as the father and / or mother.

    You must call Aruba Airlines Reservations to include the infant in the reservation. International taxes and a percentage of the adult rate may apply.

    In a reserved seat: If your infant is traveling in his own seat, you must purchase a ticket and bring with you a safety seat.

    It is important to note that the infant does not have the benefit of carrying checked luggage without cost as the adult. Each passenger with a ticket issued may carry one (1) stroller and one (1) car seat.

    Both items can be registered at the ticket counter, one of which can be registered at the boarding gate and the other at the counter. These items are free of charge if you are traveling with an infant.